Tarte taart An on Thorntons

‘Guilty pleasure’ of the week: As long as it’s from the heart!
As long as what you do, comes from the heart, it will be alright. Sincere, true and honest. I think it’s the only way good things come about. And if you yourself are happy, that usually has a positive effect on others. If you start with that premise, you can create beautiful things. This week I came across a perfect example. I received a Thorntons ‘Lots of Love’ box full of delicious chocolate and I’m very excited about it! Thorntons introduced it’s chocolate to the Netherlands this year! Thorntons can already be found in various stores of the Dutch department store ‘de Bijenkorf’. Beautifully showcased, you can not miss them!

Although Thorntons is new in the Netherlands, they have over a 100 years of heritage, with 2011 being Thorntons Centenary year. Originated from a small family business, the company has become the most popular supplier of luxury chocolates in England. I think the strength of this company is based in the way they deliver genuine quality across all their products. Ever since its inception Thorntons kept in mind that the customer wants to enjoy beautiful products, made ​​with the finest ingredients.

History of the company
Thorntons started small. In 1911 Joseph William Thornton opened the first store in Sheffield and gave his sons Norman and Stanley the key and the mission “Make this the best sweet shop in town”. Tough challenge! The shop proved to be a huge succes and chocolates flew out of the door! But the brothers wanted more and looked beyond chocolate. They had the idea to start making candy themselves. After 50 attempts they finally arrived at Thorntons famous Special Toffee recipe. Excellent quality, made with love. They decided to follow their hearts and to bring their own recipe for toffee on the market. It was a hit! In fact, to this day the recipe for ‘Thorntons Special Toffee’ remained unchanged and is still popular as ever.

The Thornton brothers opened a small factory, recruited the most skilled employees and threw themselves wholeheartedly into the self-manufacturing of chocolates, truffles, toffee and fudge. The family business was expanded in 1953 by Norman Thorntons’ son Peter. Inspired by his father and uncle, he studied ‘Chocolate and Sugar Confectionary’ (what a cool education!) And with an almost genetically determined love for chocolate and toffee (how could it be otherwise) he went into the family business. The team was expanded with the first master chocolatier, Walter Willen a year later. Step by step, the process of making chocolate became more professional and the company grew tremendously. Yet the love for the products remained! Nowadays Thorntons has more than 600 branches and customers from all over the world. Thorntons continues to innovate and delights its customers with exiting new developments devised by award winning master chocolatier, Keith Hurdman. Over the years they have created a wide variety of chocolates, from its traditional and delicious ‘Classics’ to indulgent ‘Continental’ inspired by the wonders of Europe, which are available in a wide variety of channels; from Supermarkets to Department Stores. Thorntons has a fantastic variety of chocolates to accommodate anyone’s budget: from small impulse items (if you are feeling pecking on the move) to incredibly crafted gift boxes (perfect for showing that special person that you care). The intensely flavoured chocolate across all products is Thorntons unique recipe.

Today I Thought Of You
I myself am especially excited about the new line of Thorntons: ‘Today I Thought Of You’. A hip & happening, stylish box with catchy phrases and a great design and (more importantly) super yummy chocolate. The packaging showcases the beautiful product, and makes this the perfect gift. At Thorntons I am told they say “Whatever you want to say, we’ve got a chocolate for that”!

No Nasty Bits
Good news for people who are gluten intolerant: no gluten-containing ingredients are used in a large proportion of Thorntons product! The products are not 100% gluten-free because the production of the chocolates does not comply with gluten-free requirements. But the use of no gluten-containing ingredients makes Thorntons chocolates accessible to a large number of people. Moreover, nearly all of the Thorntons range contains no artificial colours or flavours, as well as being suitable for vegetarians.

Now that Thorntons chocolate is available in the Netherlands, make sure you try some! With winter coming up I’m sure I can use some chocolate to bring about some festive cheer! I’ll be getting my friends and family festive treats this Christmas from Thorntons, and I know they will be delighted!
Chocolate, it’s from the heart (and its rather delicious!).
I like it ;-)

101 reasons reasons to
make someone smile with Thorntons chocolate!

What: Thorntons chocolate
Where: currently available in various stores of the Dutch department store ‘de Bijenkorf’.

What does it cost: In Holland you can buy Thorntons chocolates from € 6.95 for 150g Continental chocolates, a ‘Lots of Love’-box from the Today I Thought of You collection for € 6.95 (80g). And a big heart with 570g Continental chocolates costs € 26.95.

Do you have any questions about this particular chocolate? Let me know! Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer your questions about Thorntons.

Thorntons is new in the Netherlands and will be sold at various locations in the future. For business interests in the Benelux you may contact Ree-Flex International Q Products.

Lots of Love!